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A big part of living free is knowing who you are.


Are you a man or a woman?


Are you a "citizen of the United States" or a "person"?


Have you declared who you are?


The following is what one member of Live Free declares himself to be:


Declaration of Facts and Claims Regarding All Assets, Property and Proceedings for Corrections of All Records in All Systems of Records

We, the breathing living flesh body pulsing blood with conscience, mind, soul, and spirit united, the Creation of Nature and of Nature’s God, self-named יהןה – JHVH/YHWH – in His Written Word, The Bible, most commonly known in English as Jehovah, the Almighty God, Absolute Sovereign Creator, and יהןשע – most commonly known in English as Jesus, His First-born Son, (collectively hereinafter “God”), through the creative Act of God that Mankind calls “fertilization” by DNA, Genome, and Blood, that is now the mature native New Yorker/Floridian/American competent, free, sovereign, independent man, Beneficiary in and of God’s Trust known as John Philip Ellis, (hereinafter also referred to as “Administrator”, “I”, “me”, “our”, “ourselves”, “us”, or “we”) declare and claim all our rights, titles and interests, including all good will, and perfect unalienable rights, and publish these facts for and on the record as truth regarding us.
When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for any man to dissolve the political bands which have connected him to other men and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the law of nature and of nature’s God entitle him, a decent respect to the opinions of Mankind requires that he should declare the causes which impel him to the separation. (Paraphrased from the unanimous Declaration of the 13 united States of America, July 4, 1776, A.D., that in support therefore 56 signers thereof mutually pledged each to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.)
This instant Declaration is applicable to any and all rights, titles, and interests, in whole or in any fractional part, and any and all types of actual or intended title to or possession of private, personal, or real property or usufruct therein, including all goodwill attached thereto, as established in common law or by registration in the UNITED STATES (“U.S.”) PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE (“USPTO”) or the U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE and is intended to evidence the fact that we have cancelled, nullified, and withdrawn any and all our purported actual acceptance, agreement, or consent by each and every physical act we allegedly preformed, deed, document, instrument, or writing bearing our mark, once wet ink, or electronic signature, or by any form of “tacit acceptance”, or by any omission or failure, neglect, or refusal to act, that was allegedly performed by us or by any nominee or person claiming to act or actually acting on our behalf with any actual, construed, or presumed power-of-attorney that we are not timely and fully informed about including, but not limited to, any and all applications and offers to enter any and all adhesion agreements or contracts with any and all de jure or de facto domestic or foreign authorities, powers, or entities.
This Declaration attempts to address, in this one document, a lifetime of any and all physical acts, neglects or  failures to act, and writings purportedly showing our acceptance, consent and legal agreement to or entry into any agreement or contract that was, does, or could be construed to have been voluntarily performed or signed by us or by any nominee claiming to act for us without our full knowledge, understanding, and proper comprehension check of all relevant facts (without timely and full disclosure made in good faith and a proper “meeting of the minds” evidencing our full comprehension and understanding), and was allegedly intentionally executed voluntarily (without any coercion, duress, or threat) by anyone, any person, or any nominee and declares any and all such agreements or contracts demanding or requiring any specific performance of any duty or obligation from us voidable, and that they are, in fact, void, ab initio including, but not limited to, those enforced through assumption, presumption, prescription, or use of any other self-serving operation of law, legal doctrine, claim of absolute or qualified immunity, limited liability, or plausible deniability for, at the minimum, constructive fraud and unconscionability.
This Declaration is proffered to any and all people in their private character, capacity, interests, and standing; and to all persons in any commercial, legal, official, public, or any other status, past, present, and for those that are to come, that have conducted, are conducting, or will conduct any and all faith-based or religious activity, common law trade, regulated commerce, commercial or public business transactions with us by any self-serving use of “law”, “legal doctrine”, “legalese”, “principle” of abandonment, agency, any kind of legal disability, gaslighting, fostered ignorance, nomination, prescription, presumption, mere possession, purchase, representation, usufruct, application of trade secrets, or usucapion for claiming the Intellectual Property (“IP”) of the motor, non-human factor of production, or person called, named or titled JOHN PHILIP ELLIS, on any soil/land or water bodies that are generally known as being part of any of the 50 unincorporated independent compact commonwealths, states, territories, insular possessions or properties that collectively comprise the IP styled The United States of America, and the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of its Republican Form of government, the United States and any and all assets, property, possessions, territories, agencies, entities, instrumentalities, subsidiaries, and personnel thereof, wherever located; and any and all rights, titles, and interests in all Tangible Property (“TP”) used in connection with or in line of being with the name and any and all codes, accounts, and identifying numbers associated with JOHN PHILIP ELLIS.
We reserve all unalienable perfect rights without prejudice or recourse, graciously accept all donations and gifts, and waive any and all benefits and privileges.
The following facts, from our first-hand knowledge, observations, and conclusions support our cause for independence and separation and are, for the sake of brevity, just some, but not nearly all, of the reasons that give rise to the need and necessity for this Declaration’s’s and the perfection and publication of our standing.
Causes, Conclusions, Reasons, and Necessity

1.    In consideration of all IP and TP, consisting of including, but not limited to, a plethora of faith-based religious organizations and man-made ens legis entities, most commonly, statutory associations, bailments, corporations, LLCs, foundations, institutions, organizations, partnerships, and trusts concerning, but not limited to, all faith-based, banking, commercial, financial, governmental, and law organizations including, but not limited to,  the USPTO, Copyright office and other so-called “government administrative agencies and courts”; all churches, temples, banks, finance, leasing, mortgage companies, and institutions; brokerage houses, investment companies, securities, commodities and other exchanges; and even municipalities, towns, cities, counties, states, the United States, and foreign governments, unincorporated, corporate, and political, de jure and de facto, and even those formed with the very best intentions, motives and reasons (hereinafter collectively referred to as “entities”) that Mankind has assembled, constructed, fabricated, or fashioned, we have arrived at the well-grounded conclusion that they were and are actually established or used in order to perpetrate, perpetuate, and protect all kinds of cheating, corruption, deceits, deceptions, frauds, lies, “Ponzi schemes,” robbery, thefts, and all other kinds and types of unlawfulness or illegality.

2.    We have also arrived at another well-grounded conclusion, that all the above-referenced entities have been created by or have been taken over and are being controlled or run by corrupt people and those who work for them or who aid, abet, or conspire with them, that demonstrate severe antisocial personality disorders including, but not limited to, narcissistic megalomaniacs, pathological liars, psychopaths, sociopaths, sycophants, pedophiles, all nationalities of “Mafioso” or organized crime “families” or “syndicates”, drug, human, organ, sex, and weapons traffickers, Communists, Luciferians, Marxists, Satanists, Socialists, child sacrificers, molesters, muggers, murders, rapists, extortionists, robbers, thieves, and all other types of “criminals” with the worst of these being practicing members “in good standing” of local, municipal, county, state, and federal BAR Associations that are corrupt attorneys, arbitrators, hearing officers, magistrates, mediators, judges, and justices (hereinafter collectively referred to as “corrupt persons”).

3.    We have also arrived at the well-grounded conclusion that now, in the year 2021, effectively all Man-made entities are being used in at least some corrupt unlawful manners and means and that no one should place any “blind faith”, confidence, or trust in them, or even communicate or trade with any of them except very cautiously, carefully, with eyes wide open, wary, and under the doctrines of innocent use and necessity as recorded in the Law of Nations, Book II, §§ 127-128 and 116-119 respectively.

4.    The herein-referenced and other corruption is deliberate, malicious, wide-ranging, and sooner-or-later permeates every entity and Thing made by Mankind and is caused by corrupt persons “acting” as and publicly claiming and holding themselves out to be, honorable, respectful, trustworthy agents, employees, individuals, officers, officials, persons, trustees, volunteers, or “public servants” that are, in fact, cowards, evil, mean, petty, vicious, venal people who gather together as members of various “cabals”, criminal “RICO” organizations, groups, families, “secret societies,” or what is now collectively known as the “CABAL”, “Deep State” and collectively as the “swamp”; that control and are aided and abetted or in conspiracy with the “fake news media” (including, but not limited to, all purveyors of “bogus or fraudulent news”), and countless known and unknown others that work for, aid, abet, counsel, command, procure, and conspire with them.

5.    Corrupt persons cheat, deceive, gaslight, foster ignorance, and trick people by striving to appear to be “good”, “legal”, “moral”, “righteous,” or “upright” enlightened “leaders”, that should be respected and obeyed but that have, in fact, employed layers-upon-layers of fraud, lies, and a plethora of unconscionable  adhesion contracts, allegories, assumptions, concealments, deceptions, deceits, fables, fictional stories, foreign language, phonetic interpretations, licenses, cheating, constructive frauds, gaslighting, half-truths, intentional errors and omissions, perversions of law, biased “judicial discretion” and decisions, a multitude of misdirection’s, permits, sleights-of-hand, symbolism, presumptions, prescription, trickery, and all sorts of other nefarious manors and means and have, very slowly, in minor increments, and over a very long period of time, perfected the arts of creating confusion, distrust, division, disorientation, entrapment, fear, gaslighting, hatred, prejudice, and war as “normal human behavior” in order to conceal, disguise, and hide their seemingly unlimited/unending nefarious acts.

6.    Corrupt persons plan, scheme up, institute, perpetrate, and perpetuate an uncountable array of artifices and schemes to defraud people by abusing, exceeding, ignoring and violating the defined and limited delegations of authority and powers (“jurisdiction”) “lawfully” proffered to them by a questionable “majority of the people” to so-called “government agencies” and their agents, employees, officers, and officials, and that instead of providing the advantages, benefits, peace, prosperity, protection, services, and security that they are purportedly established to provide to all people, and especially to all Americans; instead, ensure that all such entities act in breach of their intent, mission, and purpose, as set forth in their agreements, contracts, and charters, and misapply or usurp their jurisdictions and turn all such entities into harbingers of, or actual implements of death, destruction, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, theft, robbery, child abuse, child, drug, human, organ, and sex trafficking, ethnic cleansing, and force people into involuntary servitude and slavery and that, more often than not, act openly in bad faith and with unclean hands, in dishonor or through threats of violence or actual violence whether they know it or realize it or not.

7.    Corrupt persons use all the above-stated combined with the IP religion of Legalese and of “word magic” using abbreviations, acronyms and derivative names with the sound of groups of bold, capital, or all uppercase English letters (writing in American sign language, dog-Latin, gloss, or glossa) using them as idem sonans and homophones, or legal “terms” and “phrases,” having different/unique definitions from how the words are meant and used in “common usage” in order to attempt to obtain unfair advantage over almost all men.

8.    Corrupt persons also employ terms and phrases with unique definitions in order to claim absolute, sovereign, or at least some form of absolute or qualified immunity, limited liability, or plausible deniability under some form of separate perpetual existence; all with the agenda, goal, or intent of committing “legal” cheating, embezzlement, extortion, theft, or robbery of peoples’ property; to enslave people, and to destroy all those competing against or opposing them, and all while lying to the people and claiming to act for the peoples’ “benefit” or “in their best interests” and according to agreements, charters, contracts, constitutions, treaties, other types of founding, organizational, or operational documents, all at the peoples’ expense and in order to control not only the “real” criminally-minded, but all ignorant, indifferent, lazy, stupid, uninformed, or “willfully blind” people.

9.    We finally concluded that in a massive conspiracy regarding the unlawful transfer of wealth, the fiat, debased, paper monetary system run by including, but not limited to, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, and the WORLD BANK GROUP; and, the conclusive proofs of ownership of absolute or real “Allodial Title”, to property that have been deliberately and maliciously destroyed or “lost” by a plethora of corporations including, but not limited to, MERSCORP and CEDE & CO., are all dependent on one main thing, the pledge, assignment, merger, transfer, and use of IP and TP, identified by the “NAME” or any derivative thereof that are protected by Patents, Trade dresses and names, Trademarks and Trade Secrets either in common law or registered in the USPTO and copyrights in common law or as recorded in the U.S. Copyright Office that have been accomplished surreptitiously for decades by hand-entry pen and paper recording and only previously available through physical searches of the actual records and not discovered until the recent inventions and widespread use of the personal computer and the Internet and that are now digitally/electronically available in online searches ~ all in order to transfer all evidence of allodial ownership including, but not limited to, all rights, titles and interests in all intellectual and tangible properties from living people to agents, attorneys, nominees, employees, and officers of private for-profit corporations such as the States, the United States, and their created entities.

10.    Due to deliberate failure of full, timely, notice, in our previous ignorance, fostered entirely by the numerous lies and frauds perpetuated by the various “public schools” that we attended, and in our good faith but mistaken beliefs that were developed from that “indoctrination training”, we have made admissions on applications and other documents that we now and hereby further address, clarify, correct, more specifically explain, and some admissions that we have or hereby cancel, retract, or revoke our acceptance of any pledge to or signature on for bad faith, unclean hands, and constructive fraud, at the minimum, and reserve all our rights without prejudice or recourse, accepting all donations and gifts, and waiving all benefits and privileges.

11.    In fact, we could be considered incompetent by any judge, justice, or magistrate, in any administrative proceedings or statutory court operated by any for-profit corporation called STATE OF FLORIDA or the UNITED STATES as we do not understand their venue, jurisdiction, the language (“legalese”), procedures or rules used therein and any attorney appointed or assigned to “represent” John Philip Ellis or JOHN PHILIP ELLIS, that failed, neglected, or refused to timely and fully explain all the above-referenced to us before proceeding to formulate any defense for us would be guilty of providing ineffective assistance of counsel.

12.    In good faith and with clean hands, in a peaceful, best-efforts way to proceed to correct any and all records used in any and all proceedings or maintained in any and all systems of records by any and all of the herein-mentioned or referenced entities or persons, regarding John Philip Ellis and JOHN PHILIP ELLIS, the following specific facts are hereby proffered:

Specific Facts Applicable to John Philip Ellis
13.    We declare and claim that we are the united living body, consciousness, competent mind, soul, and spirit creation of יהןה and יהןשע, through fertilization, DNA, Genome, and blood that happened as a result of the union of our biological father and mother sometime in mid-to-late November of the year 1951, and that did, about nine months later, produce and become the “living soul” that is now a mature, competent, free, sovereign, independent, lawful man. The Bible, Genesis 1:26-27 and 2:7, 21;
14.    We declare and claim that our full allegiance, devotion, love, loyalty, and fidelity is knowingly, willingly, and intentionally dedicated only to יהןה and יהןשע. The Bible, Exodus 20:3, Deut. 5:7;
15.    We declare and claim that God endowed us with life, independence, liberty, free will, and granted Adam, the first God-created man, his heirs, including me, jointly and equally with all other men, dominion and sovereignty over and the usufruct of the Earth. The Bible, Genesis 1:28;
16.    We declare and claim that we were created to be self-governing pursuant to God’s commands, directions, guidance, principles, and restrictions set forth in The Bible, Genesis Chapter 3;
17.    We declare and claim that we are a Christian Ambassador and ordained Minister for God, and a Peacemaker. The Bible, Jeremiah 1:4-10;
18.    We declare and claim that as an Ambassador and Minister for God we are subject to the Word of God written in The Bible; and, therefore, that no one man, group, or majority of men, or any entity created by the hand or mind of any man or men, has any lawful authority, dominion, or power to lawfully rule over us without our timely and fully informed comprehensive knowing, understanding, and un-coerced consent. The Bible, Joshua 24:15;

19.    We claim our DNA and all our God-given liberties and rights to independence and self-determination and to be able to fulfill the obligations of contracts that we knowingly, with timely, full, honest disclosure, and proper “meeting of the minds” willingly and voluntarily enter;

20.    We declare and claim that through our Christian belief, education, faith, knowledge, and baptizing, we intentionally became a subject in the Kingdom of God;

21.    We declare and claim that through learning and exercising our Bible trained conscience and spirit we asked for and became an Ambassador and Minister to God;

22.    We declare and claim that our knowledge and exercise of faith in Jehovah, Jesus, Divine Law, and the teachings set forth in The Bible are why we are a Christian;

23.    We declare and claim that we would never knowingly or voluntarily swear, make, or affirm any pledge, disclaim, renounce, or deliberately do anything to impair, impede, obstruct, or destroy our standing as a subject in God’s Kingdom;

24.    We declare and claim that we have no intention of ever knowingly or voluntarily relinquishing either our appointments, duties, obligations, offices, titles, or the oath that secures our Ambassadorship or our Ministry to God;

25.    We declare and claim that we have no lawful duty or obligation to obey any non-Bible based private or public law, statue, code section, order, ordinance, policy, regulation, or rule of any man, woman, or Man-made Thing;

26.    We declare and claim that we owe no allegiance, obedience, or fidelity to any man, woman, or man-made Thing or entity including, but not limited to, any and all corporations, flags, municipalities, cities, counties, nations, or states;

27.    We declare and claim that as an Ambassador and Minister of God the authority we rely upon comes from God, not from Mankind;

28.    For the reasons set forth above and elsewhere herein take Notice that we cannot and will not bow to, salute, give to or recite any pledge to, pray to, plea, serve, or volunteer any allegiance, fidelity, or worship to any manmade Thing or entity;

29.    In the unlikely event that we ever discover that either The Bible is in error, is fiction, or that our belief and faith in God is the product of nothing but the longest-running, most elaborate and masterful con, deception, or scam, we reserve the right to immediately correct our error(s) and govern ourselves appropriately;

30.    We always reserve all our unalienable perfect rights without prejudice or recourse, graciously accept all donations and gifts, and waive all benefits and privileges.

31.    Our native and only language is American English, as commonly or generally spoken and written by the people of The United States of America from the year 1970 through the present and this Declaration is prepared using such English;

Choice of Law

32.    Our choice of law is God’s Word, The Bible. The contemporary version we choose and rely upon is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, 1984 A.D. Edition, compared with the oldest known Aramaic, Chaldean, Greek, and Hebrew texts;

33.    We declare and claim that we are the posterity of one of “We The People” referred to in the Preamble to the Constitution for the united States of America, 1789 A.D., ratified by passage of the first 10 Amendments, in 1791 (the “federal Constitution”), in law, sui juris;

34.    We declare and claim that we are a Beneficiary of the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that emanate from God that are secured to us by the common law from time immemorial, as included in various organic documents including, but not limited to, the federal Constitution and the organic Constitution for Florida, 1838 A.D., as lawfully amended (the “Florida Constitution”);

35.    As a constituent member of the sovereignty of The United States of America, we believe and claim that the United States grants us hospitality and safe harbor; and, predicated on that belief we claim the protection provided by the USPTO, the Copyright Office, the Departments of Justice and the Treasury;

36.    In the unlikely event that we hurt, injure, or cause any pain or suffering, incapacity, or the wrongful death of any man, woman, child or animal; destroy or deprive anyone of their enjoyment or use of any property or the environment or make any property or the environment unusable to anyone or violate any malum in se law predicated on God’s law that creates a corpus delicti or harmed or injured party including, but not limited to, “thou shall not kill”, etc., we will claim and demand the perfect right to a presentment or indictment by a common law grand jury of our peers;

37.    We would demand/require that any accusation, claim, charge, complaint, or demand made against us be made under penalty of perjury, the facts of which are sworn or affirmed to be true and correct under the Laws of Florida, or the laws of The United States of America, by a duly officially authorized person and, if emanating from STATE OF FLORIDA, a current Florida Notary Public’s signature and seal on such document and we will, upon receipt, forthwith forward such document to the Statewide Common Law Grand Jury, Florida, and the Grand Jury will respond to you under the rules of common law;

38.    The Statewide Common Law Grand Jury, Florida, is contacted through the victim’s address or mail location. In reference to us, that would be John Philip Ellis, in care of Post Office Box 14233, North Palm Beach, Florida;

39.    We hereby cancel and revoke any and all consent or voluntary subjection to “appear” in any state or federal “court” civil action or “criminal” case regarding any and all arbitrary and capricious malum prohibitum “laws”, regulations, rules, and public policy (collectively referred to hereafter as “malum prohibitum laws”).

40.    Malum prohibitum laws are found intermingled with the common law in the LAWS OF FLORIDA, codified in the FLORIDA STATUTES and the FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE; and, in the Laws of The United States of America/the United States set forth in the UNITED STATES STATUTES AT LARGE, and codified in the UNITED STATES CODE (“U.S.C.”) and the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS (collectively referred to hereafter as the “laws of the forum”);

41.    We hereby cancel and revoke any and all consent or voluntary subjection to any and all malum prohibitum laws that are arbitrarily and capriciously administered or enforced by any agent, employee, official, officer, person, servant, or volunteer acting or claiming to act for any administrative agency or department of STATE OF FLORIDA; for any other “STATE” or “COMMONWEALTH”, for the UNITED STATES, for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; or for any creation of any state or the United States when such entities act in any private, for-profit body corporate character or capacity or whenever any of the above could, would, or could be construed to, in any manner whatsoever, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, impair, impede, obstruct, or defeat any of our God-given liberties or rights or that could or would affect, diminish, or destroy our lawful standing and bring us under the control, domination, or subjugation of any man, group of people, or entity;

42.    Take Notice that we refuse to accept any “legislatively created privilege” for anything that we have the God-given “right” to do.


43.    In the alternative to any of the herein-referenced “administrative proceedings” or “civil actions” attempted to be brought against us, we counteroffer to settle any malum prohibitum issue or matter by entering into binding arbitration conducted by a common law Arbitration Association under Common law Arbitration Rules by three (3) non-BAR member arbitrators;

44.    Take Notice that we will refuse for cause any and all offers proffered to us without a proper binding arbitration clause by any and all local, municipal, city, county, state, or federal so-called “government” entities, administrative agencies, branches, departments, instrumentalities, subsidiaries, agents, employees, officers, officials, principals, servants, and volunteers thereof; and from all people claiming to be one of the “citizens of the United States,” any “individual,” “person,” or “resident” whether appointed, drafted, elected, employed, serving, or volunteering and acting, or claiming to act, in sovereign character and capacity or as legally administering or enforcing any malum prohibitum local, municipal, city, county, state, federal, or international Act of Legislature (state), Act of Congress (federal), public law, statute, code section, regulation, ordinance, rule, Executive or other Orders and Proclamations;

Administrative Procedures

45.    We declare that we are protected against any and all arbitrary and capricious or other unconstitutional acts committed by any government agent, employee, or officer by the federal Administrative Procedure Act, Public Law 404 – 79th Congress, Ch. 324 – 2d Sess., §12 (not codified), that in pertinent part reads,

“Nothing in this Act shall be held to diminish the constitutional rights of any person or to limit or repeal additional requirements imposed by statute or otherwise recognized by law. Except as otherwise required by law, all requirements or privileges relating to evidence or procedure shall apply equally to agencies and persons”;

Renunciation, Revocation or Reassignment of any and all Powers-of-Attorney

46.    We neither need, want, wish for, will retain, pay, discharge any charge or debt to, nor accept any advice from, follow the directions of, obey, or accept any representation or services from any member of any local, municipal, city, county, state, federal, or international BAR Association for claiming to act, or purporting to act, without our consent or knowledge as our assistance of counsel, attorney, nominee, or representative concerning any issue or matter arising in connection with JOHN PHILIP ELLIS, regarding anything that is registered in the USPTO or the U.S. Copyright Office and used in any administrative matter or purported “judicial proceeding” to which we have been, are now, or may become a proper party;

47.    We have canceled and revoked and hereby reiterate our cancellation and revocation or reassignment to us of any and all authority and power that was, is, or could be claimed by any man or person to lawfully or legally act for or bind us by claiming to act or serve pursuant to any presumed or actual abandonment, or any assumed, construed, delegated, durable, general, implied, limited, presumed, tacit, necessary, or any other kind or type of power-of-attorney for any reason whatsoever;

48.    We have canceled and revoked any and all authority and power claimed by any man or person to act for us or bind us that acts, claims to act, or serve as a procurator negotiorum or procurator in rem suam for us;

49.    We declare that we are capable of and will handle all affairs, issues, and matters which may, do, or will effect or affect us by ourselves and on our own nullifying, at the minimum, any exercise of authority or power over us or our Estate by any man or person acting or claiming to act pursuant to the Cestui Que Vie Act of England, 1666 A.D., or any similar domestic or foreign legislation;

50.    We declare that any man or person that attempts to bind, council, or represent us in any manner whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever, without our express, timely, fully informed, knowing, and voluntary consent commits several crimes including, but not limited to, fraud, identity and grand theft, patient and trademark infringement, and trespass;

Ellis Family History

51.    The man that claimed to be Philip Hazelton Ellis (1905-1965) claimed to us and to all others in our presence, all our life with him, to be our natural biological father; that we are his son; that he was born on the soil/land generally known as New York City, New York, The United States of America; that his father was called John; that his grandfather was called John; and that according to the oral history of the Ellis family sometime around the mid-1800’s his grandfather immigrated from Germany to The United States of America. He married a woman who claimed to be the direct bloodline member of the posterity of Jonathan Dayton (1768-1824), the man history records as representing New Jersey that signed the federal Constitution for themselves and their posterity and that by his signature on that constitution he intended to and did help perfect the new Nation and its government, the United States;

52.    The woman that claimed to be Anna Marie Rollins-Ellis (1922-2008) claimed to us and to all others in our presence, all our life with her, to be our natural biological mother; that we are her son; that she was born on the soil/land generally known as Findlay, Ohio, The United States of America. That according to her father, Lieutenant Colonel John Hooper Rollins, Sr. (U.S. Army, retired) (1895-1985), and pursuant to the Rollins family oral history and written records, we are the direct bloodline heir and member of the posterity of William Hooper (1742-1790), the man history records as representing North Carolina that signed the Declaration of Independence …, on July 4, 1776 A.D., and that by his signature on that declaration he intended to and did help create the new independent Nation styled The United States of America and its government, the United States, binding together the original 13 unincorporated independent compact Commonwealth and States under one Republican Form of central government;

53.    The Rollins family blood lineage records trace to Mary Stewart, better known as Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), therefore, we claim that we are related to the royal family of Great Britain that includes Prince Charles;

54.    William Hooper and Jonathan Dayton are among the men that are collectively referred to as the “founding fathers” of The United States of America;

55.    As bloodline heir of Mary, Queen of Scots, William Hooper and Jonathan Dayton and by coming to life on the soil/land that is generally known as New York, by crown, blood, and soil/land we, jointly with all other similarly situated real Americans, claim that we are one of the constituent members of the body of people that jointly comprise the sovereignty of The United States of America and ;

56.    According to both people that claimed to us all our life with them to be our parents, and who claimed to be participants in the event, we took our first independent breath of air on the soil/land that is generally known as Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, The United States of America in summer of the year 1952; and, therefore, by our coming to independent life on that soil/land we are considered by law to be a free, sovereign, independent New Yorker;

57.    Shortly after our independence from our mother, THE CITY OF NEW YORK, the privately held, for-profit corporation offering/providing/selling “government services” for the privately held, for-profit corporation offering/providing/selling government services, THE STATE OF NEW YORK, and its parent, the privately held, for-profit corporation offering/providing/selling government services, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or the privately held, for-profit corporation offering/providing/selling government services, UNITED STATES, evidenced the Matrix and Root Title of our coming to independent life and being called “John Philip Ellis”, by authoring, printing, signing, and sealing “THE CITY OF NEW YORK, Certificate of Birth, Certificate No.: 156-52-41582, FILED: 07-22-52” and delivering it to our mother;

58.    Sometime after that, the exact date being unknown, THE CITY OF NEW YORK, authored the “CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH, CERTIFICATE No.: 156-52-41582, DATE FILED: 07-22-52” the document/instrument/insurance policy/security/surety that secures all rights, titles, interests and goodwill, including all reversionary interest, in something purportedly called a “motor”, “non-human factor of production” or “person” with the “NAME    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS ***” printed on its face;

59.    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS, is IP that is used in connection with certain patents, trade names, trademarks, trade dresses, trade secrets, as a transmitting utility, or as some other sort of conduit to or utility that is used in connection with or by and between John Philip Ellis and any and all IP entities or persons;

60.    We declare that neither the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH nor the CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH identifies us by any current physical characteristics such as height, weight, color of eyes or hair, finger, thumb, palm or footprints, or photographic image, and hence neither can be used by us or anyone else as any valid “identification document” for us;

61.    We are claimed by our parents to be a member of the Ellis Family or the House of Ellis. The Ellis family called us John all their time with us. We have been called John all our life by our entire extended family, all our close friends, and most of our associates;

62.    We began adding the suffix “Senior” or “Sr.” in 1993, when our youngest son took his first breath of air on the soil/land generally known as the City of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, The United States of America and we began calling him JP in order to differentiate us;

63.    We now go by our Christian baptism name, John Philip Ellis and we permit most people to simply call us John;

64.    In order to communicate to an unknown, we may respond to John Philip Ellis.

a.    We receive mail matter in care of Post Office Box 14233, North Palm Beach, Florida.
b.    We receive email at: johnpellissr@me.com.
c.    We receive telephone calls and text messages at: 1 (443) 617-4103.
d.    When we are not absent for business, pleasure, or vacation, we can usually be found located somewhere on the soil/land areas in or on the bodies of water generally known as “Southeastern Florida.”

65.    God and our forefathers gave us the Birthright in which we are one sovereign among many fellow sovereigns;

66.    We have claimed our Birthright as a direct descendant of one of the people that founded The United States of America who, along with other sovereigns, declared their independence from King George William Frederick of England (1738-1820) (“King George”), took up arms against him in defense of their claim for freedom and liberty, fought for and won their independence and forced the Treaty of Peace, 1783 A.D., wherein Article I, King George recognized those specific people as sovereigns; and, pledged that his heirs, assigns, and the international sovereign community would forever honor their sovereignty;

67.    By entry into independent life in the soil/land thereof, we are considered a native of New York City, New York;

68.    New York is one of the original 13 Colonies comprising The United States of America, and therefore, by blood, soil/land, choice, and standing, we can be referred to as a “free, sovereign, independent New Yorker/American”;

69.    We claim our body, aura, blood, consciousness, DNA, intellect, memories, mind, thoughts, and spirit that live in and around our body, the vessel of our soul and everything that we are. Our body is a complex dynamic living system and our biology and physiology is always changing ~ including our DNA. In fact, our body is now that of a 69-year-old-man;

70.    THE CITY OF NEW YORK and other entities, ostensibly for us or for our benefit, began establishing Patents in connection with the name JOHN PHILIP ELLIS that have been fractionalized and distributed, worldwide, in order to fabricate and perpetuate the U.S. fiat paper currency monetary system, now largely electronic/digital, and now nearly title-less real estate and certificate-less securities markets currently operating in The United States of America;

71.    There are numerous patents that are is establishing common law or recorded or registered in the USPTO in connection with JOHN PHILIP ELLIS.

72.    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS is a common law Trade name and Trademark established in common law or recorded in the USPTO on the life of and, thereby, wholly owned by John Philip Ellis;

73.    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS was applied to the title of all assets and property that we acquired, bought, created, leased, purchased, or rented;

74.    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS was applied to all licenses, permits, and registrations that we obtained;

75.    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS was applied to all accounts that we opened;

76.    JOHN PHILIP ELLIS was applied to at least one security that trades on an Exchange;

77.    In fact, JOHN PHILIP ELLIS was applied to just about anything and everything that comprises our entire Estate including, but not limited to, any and all assets, copyrights, patents, property, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, and trusts;

78.    We declare that even as an infant/child we were and are now the only lawful living Beneficiary of the Estate and all copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names, trade dress and trusts in connection with JOHN PHILIP ELLIS that were/are in fact predicated on our living body, mind, soul and spirit;

Administration of JOHN PHILIP ELLIS

79.    We declare that we possess and administer the original security paper “authenticated copy” of the CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH issued by THE CITY OF NEW YORK with the “NAME     JOHN PHILIP ELLIS ***” printed on its face;

80.    We declare and claim all our rights, titles, interests, including reversionary interests, goodwill in, and our rightful control over, any and all copyrights, IP, patents, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, and TP derived from our life;

81.    We declare that since becoming aware of just some of the aforementioned, that we believe that we may be just seeing/understanding the “tip of the corruption iceberg”;

82.    We have claimed our rightful position as sole lawful Administrator for the entire Estate, wherever located, including, but not limited to, any and all IP and TP assets, patents, property, trademarks, trade names, trade dresses, and trusts identified by the name JOHN PHILIP ELLIS;

83.    We declare and claim that as Administrator of JOHN PHILIP ELLIS that we as naked owner control and have the right to possess or delegate usufructs in any and all IP and TP found in any account, bailment, conservatorship, ledger, the Estate, copyright, patent, title, trade name, trademark, trade dress, or trust in the name JOHN PHILIP ELLIS;

84.    We declare that around the year 1983, we moved to Florida with the intention of making the soil/land called Florida our permanent home. Therefore, we may now also be considered to be a free, sovereign, independent Floridian;

85.    We declare that by our acts and choice, we currently live and work in the soil/land generally known as the City of Riviera Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, one of the 50 de jure unincorporated independent compact states that collectively comprise The United States of America;

86.    We declare and claim that as an Administrator, we are the only lawful Custodial Conservator for JOHN PHILIP ELLIS;

87.    We declare that as Administrator of JOHN PHILIP ELLIS that we assigned to the irrevocable law common law trust named CASTLE ELLIS™ the commercial use of all IP and TP comprising the Estate named JOHN PHILIP ELLIS;

88.    We declare that shortly after reaching our age of majority and in order to protect our family, friends, and all fellow Americans, that we voluntarily enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and became a Marine;

89.    We declare that during the time we served as a Marine, we knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily temporarily set aside our God-endowed liberties, rights and protections, and submitted to United States Military authority;

90.    We declare that we spent four years on active duty as a Marine, from early March 1972 through mid-February 1976, plus two years in Reserves, before being honorably discharged. Therefore, the United States has both actual, real, and conclusive documentary evidence that we are alive, competent, over the age of majority, and any act, claim, deed, or statement made by any state, the U.S., or any entity thereof that we are not alive is both not true and is constructive fraud;

91.    We declare that from mid-August 2001, through mid-March 2010, over our  objections and against our will, and for refusal to “voluntarily comply” with taxation promulgated by certain Internal Revenue Service personnel, we were vi et armis incarcerated inside various FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS (“BOP”) facilities;

92.    We declare that shortly before our release from BOP custody, over our objection and against our will, a portion of our Blood/DNA/Genome was forcibly taken from us and included as part of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS and NDIS);

93.    CODIS and NDIS are the United States’ national DNA databases that were created and are maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

94.    We declare that the United States has both actual, real, conclusive evidence that we are alive and that we have unique blood, DNA structure, and Genome. Any act, claim, deed, or statement by any state or the United States to the contrary is both not true and would be constructive fraud;

95.    We declare that other than the time we served as a Marine and were unlawfully incarcerated, we never intended to be, have never knowingly been, are not now, and do not ever intend or wish to be or become one or be treated as one of the “citizens of the United States” or any “person” that is “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States”;

96.    We declare that we are now the mature man that is not disabled by anything created by Mankind;

Specific Negative Averments/Denials


97.    We have canceled and revoked any and all voluntary consent and subjection to and deny that we have ever knowingly and with timely and full disclosure, having a full comprehension check regarding all relevant facts and a proper “meeting of the minds”, been conquered by or voluntarily pledged any allegiance or faith to any false or so-called nominal “Christianity”, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic, Indigenous, Legalism, or any other Man-made faith or organized religion;

98.    We deny that we have ever knowingly, intentionally and with a full comprehension check of all relevant facts and a proper meeting of the minds, been acquired by, conquered by, or pledged any allegiance to what is known as the Catholic or Universal Church or Religion;

99.    We deny that we have ever been, that we are now or that we will ever consent to be considered to be Catholic, owned by, or subject to, the Catholic Church, the Holy See, any Pope, the Unum Sanctum, any Motu Proprio, Papal Bull, the Vatican, the Roman Cult or Empire, or anything else connected with Catholicism or any subsidiary of Catholicism or Rome that may have or that has unilaterally claimed, currently claims, or may attempt to exert any authority, control, domination, or power over us as constructive fraud and lies;

100.    We deny being subject to or consent to be considered to be a member of or under the control or domination of any Man-made faith or organized religion;